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Auditing Support.

Licensing Matters’ proactive licensing auditing resource assists in identifying and quantifying areas of unrecovered royalties so our clients do not forfeit millions of dollars each year because of unintentional or inaccurate reporting of licensing programs’ activity.

Global Auditing.

We can arrange on-site global auditing services to help facilitate licensee royalty compliance. This fights loss, adds transparency, and increases licensing profits.

Licensing Matters understands the delicate nature of the licensor-licensee relationship. Because this relationship is paramount, we foster a collaborative environment with license and prefer the respect that comes from effectively balancing royalty reporting accuracy with the integrity of the relationship.


We ensure outstanding service and results across a wide range of industries and geographies, that often result in settlement revenue for clients.

We also offer to review contractual provisions prior to the execution of a licensing agreement; our guidance has proven particularly valuable.