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Our Strategic Partner.

Powered by Maxx Marketing, a WPP Company

Maxx Marketing, a WPP Company a global product solutions agency, is the creative and production development engine behind Licensing Matters. Together we are dedicated to creating great licensed activations for some of the world's most recognizable brands.

As one of the largest producers of custom created product, Maxx collaborates with Licensing Matters, to generate great marketing and merchandise solutions for great clients. At every step, Maxx and Licensing Matters, ensure that our licensed merchandising solutions are tailored to meet our clients’ business objectives. Together we help brands leverage licensed properties in all their shapes and forms via thoughtful, innovative and authentic licensed products, promotions and retail activations.

With its global experience, Maxx is adept at designing, manufacturing and delivering great custom products for its clients wherever in the world they are required.

Maxx Marketing is a WPP Company


Below are just a few of the valuable marketing services this partnership brings to clients of Licensing Matters:

Brand Equity Database, Evaluation/Assessment & Monitoring Tools

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Created in 1998, BrandZ is the world's largest brand equity database, holding over 60,000 brand results for retailers and over 200 categories, from airlines to hairlines. Continually updated, BrandZ contains brand data gathered from interviews with over 150,000 people every year in up to 400 studies around the world. This translates into valuable opinions from people who know the category and can judge a brand based on the attributes that are important to them.

BrandZ helps Licensing Matters clients better understand the competitive landscape by providing insights into the fit of the opportunity with your brand’s equities, into the viability of entry into prospective market segments, and into the suitability of possible partners.

Brand Consulting & Design

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As a global leader in brand consulting and design, , Landor has 27 offices in 21 countries, working with a broad spectrum of world-famous brands.
Clients include Barclays, Bayer, BMW, BP, Diageo, FedEx, GE, Intuit, Kraft Foods, MillerCoors, Procter & Gamble, Samsung, Singapore Airlines,
and Taj Group. Landor helps clients create agile brands that thrive in today’s dynamic, disruptive marketplace.
Its work enables top brands to stand for something while never standing still.

Landor is a member of the Young & Rubicam Group network within WPP, the world's largest marketing and communications firm.

VBAT develops a brand's foundations to create and visuzlize a brand’s place in the market.
We seek to understand our client's goals and, as required, to question and discuss those goals. We respect the fact that the owners of the brand are responsible for defining its marketing goals.

Both lateral and linear thinking is required to build relevant and successful brands. At VBAT,
creating brands means creating personalities. Our method determines the foundations upon which
a brand is built and identifies a brand's perception triggers. We are not a company that is design,
interactive, retail, packaging, corporate or advertising minded, but rather all six at once. In developing our solutions, we apply tools that are genuinely unique.

Sales & Marketing Automation

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Verticurl is a Sales & Marketing Automation company, specializing in Closed Loop Lead Management Marketing
and Customer Relationship Management. Our approach and methodologies align Marketing with Sales, building
an engine to generate and nurture leads, manage customer relations, and shorten sales cycle in order to justify ROI on Marketing spend.

The 141 team brings its clients a skill-set developed by successfully producing "live" events and television productions.
Forethought, creativity and resourcefulness, with a view toward cost containment have become hallmarks of our event
and production management discipline. Rigorous advance planning, and the broad-based promotions expertise and geographic reach of the 141 network of sister companies worldwide complement our efforts.

We are a full-service sports marketing company specializing in comprehensive event marketing and management based in Honolulu, Hawaii.
We are wholly owned by WPP, one of the world's largest global communications services companies (125 companies in the Group) with more than 2,000 offices in 106 countries.

Burrows specializes in creative design and cost effective production for multi-market,
multi-language marketing collaterals, for both online and offline communications. With offices in London, Norwich,
Dusseldorf and Detroit, Burrows has developed a comprehensive suite of automated online tools to help clients implement programs consistently across more than 100 markets.

In addition to creative and production services, Burrows offers the Group's leading CGI resource (computer generated imaging) and 'configuration' website expertise.
With over ten years experience in virtual imaging and an award-winning team of 60+ full time artists. Burrows produces high resolution photorealistic stills and high definition,
broadcast level animations. We are driving development of real-time rendering and virtual reality experiences.

Hogarth is a marketing implementation agency.
We produce advertising and other marketing communications for our clients across all media and all languages.
Our production expertise coupled with our powerful workflow and asset management technology delivers quality, control and savings for global brands.

We believe that the production, adaptation and supply of advertising materials is a specialist activity that should be carried out by a company that focuses solely on this discipline.
We work alongside creative and media agencies to deliver advertising into market efficiently and cost effectively – with quality enhanced and with
all language and cultural challenges managed by experts.

Retail Intelligence

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The Store, the global retail practice of WPP with offices in Chicago and London, helps grow retail expertise across the WPP Group
to benefit clients and agencies in the increasingly dynamic retail landscape. As a knowledge hub, we draw insights from the Group’s
unparalleled understanding of consumers, retailing, brands and shopper marketing. The Store leads and facilitates innovative thinking,
expertise and global best practice across WPP and the retail industry.

The Store advances thought leadership across a range of disciplines and topics including:

  • Global retail trends and innovations
  • Shifting shopper behaviour
  • Format development
  • Omni channel retailing
  • Advances in digital and technology-enabled shopping
  • The role of media in retail
  • Sustainability: the role of retailers and brands
  • Proximity marketing and activation

At The Store, our expertise extends beyond traditional retail and includes fast food, automotive, hospitality, entertainment and financial services.
We host global WPP events that bring together retailers, brands and leading experts to understand, share and debate opportunities for growth.

Designing the future by delivering seamless solutions that combine the physical, human and digital elements of a brand, FITCH creates unique experience signatures that
transform consumer experience and accelerate business success. We deliver.

FITCH is a leading global retail and brand consultancy that integrates strategy, design and implementation.
We deliver across all touch-points. Our clients include Adidas, B&Q, Brown-Forman, Dell, H&M, Philips, Sberbank.

Labstore is WPP’s newest global retail and shopper marketing network, with offices in over 20 countries, and a deep understanding of the shopper
in every major market around the world. Using our Shopper Chemistry(tm) process, we create ideas that result in purchase through the fusion of digital and shopper.

Kantar helps companies turn shoppers into buyers by understanding shopper needs, motivations, behaviours, barriers and triggers across the path of purchase to the point of decision.
We accomplish this by keeping companies ahead of retail and channel evolution by understanding how the retail landscape is evolving and how retailer models and strategies are changing.
The Kantar Group is the data investment management division of WPP.

We have a variety of key ways to achieve this goal: Retail and Shopper Consulting Solutions and Retail & Shopper Analytics, Tools and Applications,
which includes our virtual reality software, which can help companies make better, faster retail decisions, and Kantar Worldpanel, which is the global expert in shoppers’ behaviour.

Kantar Retail Virtual Reality is the market leader in 3D product content creation, building models for retailers and suppliers for use in virtual reality amongst
other requirements and outputs. Delivery of the highest quality optimised content is key in an industry of rapid change in technology capability.
The team at Kantar Retail Virtual Reality are experts at ensuring product models are built with accuracy and realism in mind.
Kantar Retail Virtual Reality have numerous partnerships with leading image providers such as Brandbank and Gladson, allowing our clients to obtain a vast library of 3D product content directly through these suppliers.

Barrows is a specialist Marketing at Retail company. With over 20-years experience working with clients in every consumer goods sector and across all types of markets,
we truly understand how to attract, engage and sell to a shopper. We provide a holistic range of shopper marketing services that enable
our clients to evolve their sales and marketing strategies into targeted and executable shopper marketing activities.

Driven by insights and underpinned by methodical planning, Barrows sets out to nurture collaboration amongst key client stakeholders, both internal and external,
culminating in a range of tight briefs which we take forward into design, engineering, testing and implementation, either on our own or occasionally we partner
with other organisations who have proven their capabilities in the expert field of marketing to shoppers.

Our single goal is to provide our clients with the insights, plans and solutions to Win at Retail.

Proclivity Systems gives marketers and merchandisers unparalleled insight, and foresight, into the valuation of each of their consumers and what they will buy.
Proclivity computes the individual valuation for that consumer across a number of product or service categories. This information is used to easily create and launch highly targeted
campaigns through the consumer's preferred channels.

Shopper2Buyer (S2B) is a shopper-focused communications planning and buying agency and part of tenthavenue. Combining data, knowledge and intelligence,
we find the touchpoints that convert shoppers to buyers. Our deep, data-driven understanding of the relevant media channels, helps us reach and motivate people when
they are in the shopping mindset. Our proprietary research and tools identify the “purchaser”, creating target profiles against these buyers to understand their motivations and behaviors.
We align these optimal targets with the right pre-trip and in-store media combinations to drive action at retail and ultimately, close the sale.

Whether a national plan or retailer specific plan, we infuse shopper mindsets into the strategic communications plan, following through with relevant tactical touch-points, channels and environments.

Retail Media

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Triad Retail Media helps the world’s leading retailers and brands create, manage and operate digital media programs, turning their highly trafficked websites
into valuable publishing properties. Walmart, eBay, Asda, Toys"R"Us, CVS, Sam’s Club, Staples and Kohl’s are among the major global retailers that rely on
Triad Retail Media to connect more than 1,500 brands with shoppers in the purchase mindset. Headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida, with nearly 700
team members in 14 offices worldwide, Triad Retail Media is the global leader in digital retail media. Founded in 2004, it is part of the Xaxis family of companies,
under WPP’s media-buying arm GroupM.

Field Marketing Services

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Always is the largest Field Marketing Services Agency in China, providing Total Field Marketing Solutions from “Sell In" to “Sell Out", from “Activation Strategic Planning” to “On-The-Ground Execution”. With a network of 90+ fully-owned offices throughout China, Always has the capabilities to activate in 600+ Tier 1 to Tier 6 cities. Service Offerings include Promoter & Field Marketer Management, In-Store Activation / Promotion, Retail Audit / Mystery Shopper, Event / Road Show, POSM Management and Premium / Gifting.
Always manages 800+ projects on an annual basis across 500+ cities, executing more than 3.5 million activations on behalf of a portfolio of Blue-Chip Clients. Client partners include Unilever, Nestle, Colgate, Johnson & Johnson, Ferrero, Nokia, Intel, Microsoft, Shell, VISA, Pfizer and many more...

Since 1993 BAV Consulting has evaluated over 45,000 brands in 45 countries using the proprietary BrandAsset Valuator (BAV) to help business executives and marketers assess, drive, and monitor the direction of their brands as strategic corporate assets. The models and metrics created from the world's most comprehensive study of brands link the more emotional aspects of brand affinity to the harder quantitative measures of finance.

Face-to-Face Marketing

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MJM is a face-to-face marketing and communications agency for events, meetings, exhibits, trade shows, training, mobile marketing and interactive. For over 20 years, MJM has worked to bring brands to life through direct human contact in a way that is consistent with the brand's message and promise in the marketplace. We serve our clients around the world, bringing imagination, insight and experience to this distinct communication practice.

Through words, symbols, colors, sounds, environments and more, MJM enhances the brand message to maximize impact with lasting impressions. Experts in events and conferences, they offer services in various creative and production fronts including:

  • Strategy
  • Theme Development
  • Lighting, Video, Audio Design
  • On-site Management
  • Crew and Labor
  • Script Writing
  • Talent
  • Interactivity
  • Entertainment

SET Live is the agency that makes an ‘experience approach’ the most effective marketing solution to business problems.

We do this by combining world class strategic thinking, inspired creativity and impeccable delivery to create physical experiences that change behaviour. Our projects span the globe and include sponsorship activation, events, exhibitions and product launches.
We’re lucky enough to work with some of the world’s most prestigious brands including Bentley, Google, Castrol and Heineken. We have been working in partnership with many of our clients since the business was founded over 10 years ago, something we’re particularly proud of.

Founded in Portland, Oregon in 2009 and now with offices across the globe, Set is a brand experience agency which crafts experiences across all active touch points with a brand -­ physical and digital -­ in retail, non-­retail environments, through technology, in events and across the globe. In close collaboration with our clients, we look to make every active interaction with a brand one that is meaningful, rewarding and one that translates into action and sales.

The Store is the global retail practice of WPP. Our mission is to help grow the retail expertise across the Group to benefit clients and agencies in the increasingly dynamic retail landscape. As a knowledge hub, we are able to draw insights from the Group’s unparalleled understanding of consumers, retailing, brands and shopper marketing. The Store leads and facilitates innovative thinking, expertise and global best practice across WPP and the retail industry.

The Store advances thought leadership across a range of disciplines and topics including:

  • Global retail trends and innovations
  • Shifting shopper behaviour
  • Format development
  • Omni channel retailing
  • Advances in digital and technology-enabled shopping
  • The role of media in retail
  • Sustainability: the role of retailers and brands
  • Proximity marketing and activation

The Store expertise extends beyond traditional retail and includes fast food, automotive,
hospitality, entertainment and financial services. We host WPP events globally which bring together retailers, brands and leading experts to understand, share and debate opportunities for growth.

With offices in Chicago & London , The Store has contacts globally throughout WPP companies, clients & international organizations that provide added

Brand Activation Services

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Geometry Global, the world’s largest and most international brand activation agency, drives conversion, action and purchase through award-winning programs that change behavior and inspire people to buy well. With teams in 56 markets, Geometry Global has expertise in shopper, digital, experiential, relationship, promotional and trade marketing.

Experiential Marketing & Advertising

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Kinetic Worldwide is the global leader in understanding how brands can connect with people’s lifestyles and the environments they engage with when away from the home. Our expertise and insight allows us to deliver solutions for our clients that achieve brand and marketing goals. Kinetic has developed centres of excellence in digital and aviation media, point-of-care communications, multicultural and mobile marketing, and OOH printing and production to expand the possibilities of communicating with a diversity of audiences on the move. We maximise the impact of our clients’ investments through strategic thinking, proprietary tools, and intelligent application of scale.

Kinetic’s network reaches across the globe. From 39 offices in 21 markets, we offer dedicated expertise in OOH planning and buying solutions and have developed strong partnerships with clients, agencies, suppliers, media owners, and technologists.

Mobile Device Experience Development

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POSSIBLE Mobile marries management consulting and software development to design and build high-quality apps for the brands you love. The team delivers custom user experiences: their talented team of Android and iOS developers, creative designers, and management consultants don’t just create mobile solutions, they execute top-tier mobile products that are intuitive, appealing, and consistently engaging to your community.

POSSIBLE Mobile has built apps that have been continuously featured on top 100 mobile app lists. The team’s apps were downloaded over 25 million times in 2016, a statistic that accelerates year after year. POSSIBLE Mobile is not only a leader in mobile, they also have in-depth experience executing on a wide variety of other platforms including Chromecast, Apple TV, Apple Watch, Android Wear, and Roku. POSSIBLE Mobile pinpoints the intersection between what a user wants and what the business goals of the client are.

We create amazing experiences for mobile devices. From touch screen interaction and motion-based gestures, to geolocation and augmented reality, our mobile applications are popular, engaging, fun and highly polished. We make games for iOS, Android, web browsers and the built environment. Our craft extends across all aspects of game creation, from concept to level design, artwork, animation and programming. We pioneer contemporary approaches to education. Our multi award winning presence in the digital classroom receives a great response from students, teachers and corporations across Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

Network Marketing

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Established in 1997, Dawson the No.1 below the line execution agency in China. We have been part of the WPP Group since 2007. We specialize in Network Marketing. We know how sales networks work and how to make them work better for dealers, franchises, and distributors. By applying our unique insights, proprietary technology and processes, we've helped multinational organizations such as BASF, DuPont, Navistar, RIM, Petro-Canada and Harley-Davidson accelerate their business.

When it comes to driving measurable sales results, establishing loyal customer relationships and building strong brands, we've learned that success depends as much on marketing to the network as it does through the network. We believe brands will only live in the hearts and minds of consumers when they live in the hearts and minds of those who deliver them.

In-Game and Around Game Advertising

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WildTangent is an online video game network distributing games from its own studio as well as multiple titles from Sony Pictures Digital, Nickelodeon and the Walt Disney Internet Group. Advertisers can advertise across the network as well as participate in sponsored sessions and in-game advertising.

Wing (formerly known as WingLatino) is a leading full-service marketing communications agency focused on the intersection of the U.S. Hispanic, Latin American and general markets. Founded in 1979 as one of the pioneering agencies in Hispanic marketing, today we are re-imagining what it means to be an agency in the Latino space. Our client roster includes some of the world’s most recognizable brands and we are headquartered in New York with offices in Miami. For a look at who we are and what inspires us, visit www.insidewing.com

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